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What do we need to know before we do a trail ride? All you need is a sturdy pair of boots or sneakers and long pants, we provide the rest

How long is a trail ride? We offer 1, 2 or 3 hour trail rides. Rides are $45 per hour per rider 

Where are rides at? We have several location in and around learney to ride/ all are very scenic rides with awesoem views 

What do i need to bring? All you have to bring is yourself with a sturdy set of boots or sneakers and long pants 

Are there any weight limitations? At the moment we can only accomadate riders 230 pounds or less 

Are there any age limitations? Ages are usually 6 years and up, please call us if younger kids.


Do we have to wear helmets? Yes. No exception .Helmets are provided. For photo shoots we can take helmets off

What else do i need to know? Please arrive 15 min early to ride. All rides start on the hour and leave within 10 min, if late you still will be charged but cannot participate in ride 

All rides are prepay with venmo, paypal and credit card 

In case of inclement weather we will refund or reschedule


If you need to cancel your ride please do so 48 hours before the scheduled time or we charge the full price of ride 

Can we make pictures on the ride? Sure. You are more than welcome to bring your phone or camera along 

Do i need to know how to ride a horse? No.if you have never ridden before we do recommend the 1 ride,


maybe 2 hours. All of our wranglers are experienced horse people and can help you have an enjoyable ride 

Do i tip my guide? We like to say if you liked the ride, kiss your horse and tip your guide. 

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